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Full-mouth Reconstruction

Full-mouth Reconstruction

Generally, a dental treatment that affects all of your teeth is considered a full-mouth reconstruction or full-mouth recovery. However, Dr. Kohler is performing full-mouth reconstructions to significantly improve the stability and function. Combining specific treatments based on your current oral health will bring your smile vitality and structural integrity. 

At Kohler dentistry, we will ensure that each patient receives the best full mouth reconstruction for his or her needs. We can reconstruct a mouth with a variety of dental treatments, including dental veneers, crowns, dentures, etc.

Losing your teeth doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a beautiful smile or your ability to confidently enjoy everyday activities. The All-on-4 procedure is an implant-retained denture. Fixed implant teeth are a great option for people with failing teeth or loose/ill-fitting dentures.

When determining if you are an ideal candidate for dental implants, there are several factors all patients may want to consider. During your consultation, Dr. Kohler will discuss your medical history, cosmetic goals, and oral health needs to determine which restorative solution best suits your needs. Keep in mind certain types of medical conditions may affect your eligibility for dental implants.

Full-mouth reconstruction provides a dramatic improvement and has transformed the appearance of many smiles. Not only can you begin to enjoy your favorite foods again but also maintain an easier oral hygiene regimen.

To determine the best course of treatment for you, schedule a consultation today to learn more.

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