Dental anxiety

   Dental anxiety is common, but there are ways to help you manage it. For example, if anxiety prevents you from going to the dentist, some things can help you cope. Dental anxiety is fear, anxiety, or stress associated with a dental setting. Being scared to visit the dentist can delay or avoid dental treatment.  Needles, drills, or the dental setting can trigger dental anxiety.  Dental anxiety can be caused by: traumatic dental experience or other healthcare experience previous trauma to the head and neck different […]

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Consequences of poor dental treatments.

Consequences of poor dental treatments. Suppose the filling has not been adequately prepared. In that case, the mixture may not bond properly to the tooth tissue, which may cause the filling to fall out or cause a gap, which could then allow further decay to form and lead to long-lasting toothache as the tooth’s pulp becomes infected. There are consequences of poor dental treatments. Signs of poor dental treatment Sensitive teeth Jaw pain Toothache Further, […]

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Keto breathe, and how to get rid of it.

Keto breath and how to get rid of it. While the ketogenic diet and other low-carb diets can help you lose weight faster, “keto breath” is an unwanted side effect of ketosis. Symptoms of keto breath Keto breath – a taste or odor different from regular lousy breath in the mouth. Some people describe keto breath as having a metallic taste. Besides a funny taste in the mouth, keto breath can be fruity-smelling or have […]

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Before and After Dental Treatment

Laser teeth whitening vs. zoom

Laser teeth whitening vs. zoom Most people would welcome a whiter, more lustrous smile if given the opportunity. However, even among people who take great care of their teeth daily, discoloration is a common problem that diminishes a smile’s shade. Therefore, a professional teeth whitening procedure is a great way to quickly and effectively tackle this problem. Let’s find out more information about laser teeth whitening vs. zoom. What is laser teeth whitening, and how […]

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How COVID-19 Can Affect Your Mouth

Here’s How COVID-19 Can Affect Your Mouth There have been close to 400 million cases of COVID-19 worldwide since the beginning of the pandemic. While one of the telltale signs of COVID can be loss of taste, among many other symptoms, there may be additional oral health concerns associated with a COVID-19 infection both during illness, as well as recovery. Nearly 4 in 10 COVID patients experience impaired taste or total loss of taste, but […]

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Fun ways to teach kids to brush their teeth

HoweverFun ways to teach kids to brush their teeth Not all kids are interested in brushing their teeth. Finding fun ways to teach kids to brush their teeth can be challenging. The best toothbrush for your child is whatever one they are most likely to use. Experts recommend soft bristles and a child-sized toothbrush head for kids. Brushing with a pea-sized smear of fluoride toothpaste only on a soft-bristle toothbrush is recommended for those two […]

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