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Magnification makes an enormous difference to the quality and accuracy of dental treatment. At Dr. Kohler’s office, we see beyond and go beyond practicing microscopic dentistry.  Many dentists limit themselves to low-magnification loupes or even do their work without magnification. In the examination, dentists working without magnification are more likely to leave small pockets of decay.

Over time, this tooth decay can cause holes deep into your teeth, sometimes to the root.  Untreated decay could result in a need for large fillings and possible root canals. Early detection can prevent costly treatments compared to the low cost of a small cavity filling.

Using a microscope also allows Dr. Kohler to use much smaller burrs when prepping a tooth for restorative treatment and only remove very little structure. Preserving the integrity will extend the life of the tooth.

Some features of tooth damage, like many kinds of cracks, are not visible without significant magnification. The microscope is also used to video record treatment to answer any additional questions your insurance might have. Video recording allows Dr. Kohler to educate our patients to take better care of their oral health.

Dr. Craig S Kohler is the inventor of MOTSY Light. A LED oral hygiene kit that allows you to see in your mouth and empowers you to take better care of your teeth and oral health. He realized that if people could see what they’re doing while brushing at home, they would be able to clean their teeth more thoroughly and consistently—especially those spots that are hard to see (and commonly overlooked).  For more information about Dr. Kohler, you can also visit Shop ONVI.

Pain-free dentistry

Dental patients everywhere have one thing in common: most people don’t like anesthetic shots. So to make the process of getting dental care more comfortable, Dr. Kohler uses a unique anesthesia system. Using a  computer-controlled system rather than one large, stinging injection creates a comfortable numbing experience.

When dentistry is less painful, patients are less likely to develop dental anxiety and can seek the treatment they need to maintain their oral health.

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