Excessive gum tissue can cause teeth to look overly gummy and undersized, while an uneven gum line can make the teeth appear slightly crooked. If you can relate to these problems, you may be a candidate for laser gum reshaping. Laser gum reshaping can be combined with porcelain veneers for a full smile makeover. Read this overview from Wilmette dentist Craig S. Kohler to learn more.

What Is Laser Gum Reshaping?

Performing the procedure is to improve the gum line, eliminate excessive gum tissue, or improve the fit of dental crowns. Dental lasers quickly became the tool of choice for treatment, leading to faster recovery and less pain during and after treatment. Dental lasers also cauterize as they cut, reducing bleeding and the risk of infection. Treatment begins with numbing the gums to aid in patient comfort and then countering the gum line. Finally, the excess gum tissue is gently removed with the dental laser. Most patients find the treatment method to be painless or only mildly so.

Tips for Recovery

Most patients recover within a few days to a couple of weeks. During the recovery from the treatment phase, it is essential to avoid irritating the gums as they heal. A soft-bristled brush, light, gentle pressure, and effortless glide floss will help gums heal. Gargling with warm salt water can also help keep the mouth clean and aid in healing.

In addition to practicing extra care with brushing and flossing, avoid certain foods while healing. In general, you will need to stay away from hard, crunchy foods, as well as foods with tiny seeds. Crunchy foods, like corn chips, can irritate the gums by stabbing and piercing the tissue. Likewise, skip foods with tiny seeds since they will likely get stuck between the gums and teeth. Popcorn is another food to avoid for this exact reason.

Candidates for Laser Gum Reshaping

Qualifying patients must have healthy gums and teeth to reduce the risk of infection or other complications. Candidates also include those with one or more of the following:

  • Excessively gummy smile: Laser gum reshaping removes excess gum tissue to correct the appearance of an overly gummy smile.
  • Teeth that look disproportionate: Excess gum tissue can make the teeth look disproportionately small. With Laser gum reshaping, the excess gum tissue is removed to reveal more proportionately sized teeth.
  • Uneven gum line: Laser gum reshaping can correct an uneven gum line.
  • Undergoing periodontal procedures: Laser gum reshaping can be used to adjust the gums for dental crown lengthening or correcting the gum line after periodontal treatments.

Find Out If You’re a Candidate

To find out if you’re a candidate for laser gum reshaping, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kohler.