For the ultimate natural-looking and feeling tooth replacement, Dr. Kohler provides dental implants. Winnetka and Chicago-area residents who are considering traditional bridges or dentures should consider this modern alternative, whether for the replacement of a single tooth or a full set.

The Dental Implant Procedure

The implant procedure begins with the placement of a metal insert into the jawbone to simulate a natural tooth root. The next step is attaching a metal stud to the insert. This will serve as the anchor for a ceramic replacement tooth. Since embedding the metal in the jaw, dental implants are now becoming a solid part of their dentition and should last for many years.

Once healing is complete, Dr. Kohler can provide you with a permanent restorative solution based on your unique condition. A patient may receive a single dental implant and crown, or multiple implants to support partial or full implant-retained dentures.

Our practice is proud to offer All-on-4® implants, a type of immediate-placement implant which allows patients to undergo surgical implantation of the posts and have their final dentures attached all in one visit.

Am I a Candidate for Dental Implants?

In order to determine your candidacy for dental implants, you will need to consider a few factors: 

  • Do you have good oral health? Tooth decay or gum disease will need to be resolved before you can undergo dental implant surgery.
  • How is your overall health? Conditions that can put a patient at higher risk during surgery, such as heart disease, autoimmune disorders, or uncontrolled diabetes, will first need to be assessed by your primary care physician. Additionally, smokers will need to abstain from tobacco use prior to and following surgery, since smoking can slow the healing process.
  • What is your jawbone density? Since implants fuse with the jawbone, adequate bone tissue is necessary to support them. For the majority of patients, especially those with recent tooth loss, this is not a problem. Patients with long-term tooth loss, however, may have insufficient jawbone density.
Improving Your Candidacy

If you are unable to receive implants due to gum disease, Dr. Kohler can perform a periodontal cleaning to remove pockets of infection. Patients with insufficient bone density can also improve their candidacy by receiving a bone graft. Lastly, many patients may qualify for mini implants due to their compromised jawbone health