Keto breath and how to get rid of it.

While the ketogenic diet and other low-carb diets can help you lose weight faster, “keto breath” is an unwanted side effect of ketosis.

Symptoms of keto breath

Keto breath – a taste or odor different from regular lousy breath in the mouth. Some people describe keto breath as having a metallic taste. Besides a funny taste in the mouth, keto breath can be fruity-smelling or have a strong odor similar to nail polish remover.

What causes keto breath?

Low-carb diets restrict your intake of carbohydrates, forcing the body to use its fat stores for energy. Ketosis occurs when the body breaks down fat for energy.

Fatty acids are converted into ketones, which are natural chemicals the body produces when fat is burned for energy. Ketones are usually harmless and released from the body through exhalation and urination. However, since acetone is an ingredient in some nail polishes, breath smelling like nail polish remover can indicate a state of ketosis.

How long does keto breath last?

You may notice a change in your breath within days or a week of starting a low-carb diet. However, the odor will subside as the body adjusts to a lower carb intake. There are a few things you can do to freshen your breath during this period. First, drinking more water may help to reduce keto drag. This is because the body expels more ketones in urine rather than as a breath. Second, practicing good oral hygiene is essential. Using a tongue-scraper, 90 percent of all bad breath originates are from the tongue. Third, switching to an alcohol-free mouthwash – alcohol dries out the mouth. Dry mouth = lousy breath. Frequently brushing and flossing, of course, will help to mask the smell. Dr. Kohler is the inventor of MOTSY Light, the world’s first Led toothbrush that empowers you to take better care of your oral health. Find out more by visiting