Dental Crowns

This patient has ground down his teeth. He did not realize it was causing an asymmetry in his smile where the right front teeth hung down. The best way to protect the teeth is to avoid habits that expose them to additional wear and tear. Potentially damaging habits include nail biting, using the teeth to open cans or bottles, and teeth grinding. Teeth grinding may be one of the toughest habits to break because many patients practice this habit without realizing it. However, Dr. Kohler offers treatment in his Wilmette office for teeth grinding.



Dental Implant

The patient has lost both molars. The first picture shows the implant abutments. In the second picture, you can see the crowns placed on the implants.







The patient was unhappy about the space between his teeth. Invisalign closed the space. The patient also whitened his teeth at Kohler dentistry in Wilmette IL. Invisalign offers a lot including convenience, easy cleaning, fewer dental appointment, and surprisingly so much more.





Smile Makeover

This 27 year- old patient experienced a bone loss that prevented him from receiving dental implants. “He did not want a removable partial and sought me out for an alternative. We created a sectional bridge which connected to adjacent crowns,” says Dr. Kohler. “This gave him a dramatic smile makeover that he could be proud of.”






Before and After photoThe patient was unhappy with the look of her front teeth. Dr. Kohler gave the patient her dream smile, placing crowns and veneers. For front teeth with more serious cracks, chips, or misalignment than can be covered by dental bonding, Dr. Kohler provides porcelain veneers at our Wilmette practice. Perfectly shaped and colored strips made from the most modern ceramics available. The next step is to bond them permanently to the teeth to create a bright, uniform smile.