MORITA’s cone-beam

MORITA’s cone-beam computed tomography is based on the ALARA principle, which allows for the lowest possible radiation exposure combined with satisfactory image quality. From a clinical perspective, it is advantageous for dentists to ensure that their patients incur the lowest possible radiation exposure. Using the best technologies for our patients makes it possible for Dr. Kohler to provide all of his patients with the best treatment possible. Various organizations have issued standards in this regard.

Our goal is to provide you with the most accurate diagnosis possible. With the integration of Cone Beam CT, we have made great advances in achieving our goal. The Cone Beam CT is a new technology giving us a 3-dimensional view of the area we are examining. A one-dimensional view is often not sensitive enough to show possible issues in their early stages.

A high-resolution scan allows us to examine the area of interest from many different perspectives. We are very proud to be able to provide this leading technology to our patients and feel that this new technology ensures we are providing the best treatment possible.

Using CBCT x-rays

Using CBCT x-rays, allows Oral Surgeons to visualize with amazingly precise detail the three-dimensional anatomy of the teeth, jaws, facial bone, and other structures in the head and neck area.


Orthodontists can examine the growth stages of a patient’s teeth eruption to better prepare treatment strategies. Oral surgeons can determine the best location to place a dental implant. Are you or is someone in your family snoring? However, airways can be checked for any possible problems. For more info schedule an appointment with us today!