Dr. Craig S. Kohler D.D.S. M.B.A, MAGD, Founder/CEO is the founder of ONVI III LLC, inventor of MOTSY Light. When ONVI was founded, the goal was simple yet powerful. We wanted to help people better see and understand what was going on in their mouths.

The Personal Oral Hygiene Pack comes with 4 attachments that are designed to help you improve your oral health care. A rubber scaler can be used to go around each individual tooth to loosen up plaque and check if the plaque is gone upon finished brushing. The 5X mirror will visually check your work behind difficult areas to see. An electric toothbrush may make brushing easier but does not have the tools to clean each side of your teeth and be able to check what’s going on in your mouth. This is important because plaque left behind causes decay and gum disease.

Regardless of whether electric toothbrushes, water flossers, or manual toothbrushes are “good” for teeth, it is important to always follow dental professional recommendations regarding which brand and model to get, to avoid the risk of getting something that’s harmful to teeth and gums. If brushing and flossing are not an issue because of arthritis or any other health problems, a MOTSY Light Personal Hygiene kit and an electric toothbrush work nicely hand in hand. An electric toothbrush does not have the tools to see what’s going on in the mouth. Using the LED Light and mirror will help you become aware of any issues.

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